Atlantique 2 Fires Exocet AM39 Over Bay of Biscay

June 17, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Sunday, June 13, Flotilla 12F conducted successfully and in collaboration with an Atlantique 2 from Flotilla 21F , an Exocet AM39 air-to-sea missile fire training. This firing is part of the operational preparation of the flotilla.

Off the Bay of Biscay, a patrol of two Rafale Marines fired the Exocet AM39 anti-ship missile. The target, positioned in a specific area of ​​the Bay of Biscay, had been launched the day before by the support vessel VN Partisan from Brest. The Rafale Marine , which left the Landivisiau Naval Aeronautical Base (BAN), were guided by an Atlantique 2 from the 21F Flotilla which also provided surface bleaching for the firing zone.

The shot simulated an attack on a medium-tonnage vessel in a dense naval environment. Two targets close to each other being launched for the occasion. The missile hit the target on time, rewarding the work of all those involved in shooting and demonstrating the high level of cooperation between Atlantique 2 and Rafale Marine .

This firing continues the operational preparation of Flotilla 12F before its next deployment aboard the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , after a year mainly dedicated to the training of new Rafale Marine pilots .

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