Sevmash Restoring Part of Project 661 Ancha for Primorsky Park in Severodvinsk

June 17, 2021 (Google Translation) – Sevmash (part of USC) will carry out flaw detection, repair and installation of the bow and stern parts of the cabin of the legendary nuclear submarine of project 661 “Anchar”, popularly called “Goldfish”.

The deckhouse is the only part of the fastest nuclear submarine in the world that has survived after scrapping. After the work has been completed, it will be installed in the Primorsky Park in Severodvinsk as a memorable object demonstrating the skill and talent of Sevmash shipbuilders and Malakhit bureau designers.

Now the wheelhouse is located on the territory of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center. At the meeting, which took place in the city administration, it was decided to donate parts of the felling to our enterprise for further work. The Zvezdochka ship repair center should also transfer elements of dummies of retractable devices and navigation lights. It is worth noting that Sevmash specialists also carry out working documentation for transportation, fault detection, repair and installation of two parts (restoration of the structure) of the submarine cabin.

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