Boyky Trains with Ka-27 Helicopters

June 16, 2021 (Google Translation) – Crews of anti-submarine and search-and-rescue helicopters Ka-27 of the Baltic Fleet Maritime Aviation have worked out landings and take-offs on the deck of the corvette “Boyky.”

In the Baltic Sea, crews of The Baltic Fleet’s Ka-27 helicopters have worked out landings on the deck of the Boyky corvette. During the training flights pilots of ship helicopters made more than 20 landings on the ship in drift and on the move.

The development of interaction between the crews of the navy ships and the baltic fleet’s naval aviation personnel is one of the elements of combat training of sailors and pilots.

After the completion of work with the navy’s naval aircraft, the crew of the corvette “Boyky” performed a set of measures to find the submarine of the conventional enemy and anti-sabotage actions during the parking on an unprotected raid.

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