Taiwan Denies Shortage of “Drone Troops”

June 15, 2021 (Google Translation) – In response to the media report that “our drone unit is in short supply of manpower, it may even cost money if it crashes.” The Navy Command stated today (15) that the content of the report did not match the facts. The explanation is as follows:

1. And professional qualified visas are implemented in accordance with the annual training implementation plan, and the existing qualified manpower is sufficient to meet the manpower needs in peace and war. The media has not verified the report, arbitrarily confuses the public, and is unfair to the public servants and soldiers. Please self-discipline.

2. The increase in the budget for the commission’s repair system of the Ruiyuan machine in the current military’s annual budget is due to the fact that the Ruiyuan machine is nearing its end of life. It is included in the annual maintenance and scheduled maintenance costs, and the expenditure is verified.

3. The sharp kite machine is the first generation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has experienced equipment damage accidents and has never asked officers and soldiers to compensate for the situation. Both the army and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have pragmatically reviewed the causes, constantly corrected shortcomings, improved its performance gradually, and strengthened its personnel. The proper rate of training and equipment ensures the execution of surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.

4. According to the UAV operation regulations, it is clearly determined that this type of aircraft is a consumable consumable. The officers and soldiers of the unit shall perform UAV maintenance and inspection and personnel operation training in accordance with the regulations to maintain proper maintenance and maximize the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance functions.

Photo from rappler.com

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