Dutch Navy Searches for Plane Wrecks in IJsselmeer

June 14, 2021 (Google Translation) – The Royal Netherlands Navy is currently looking for two aircraft wrecks in the IJsselmeer. The aircraft from the Second World War must be located near Makkum. It concerns a Lancaster and a Manchester of the British Air Force. Under water, historical information will be collected all week, just like last week.

Underwater drone REMUS is launched

The intention is to find out what exactly happened to the aircraft and whether there may still be mortal remains of the crew. It is also checked whether there are still explosives in the area.

Underwater navigation system for divers

The opportunity is gratefully used to train a number of skills.

The Defense Diving Group is therefore there with several teams and research systems. There are also 2 diving vessels: Argus and Nautilus, manned with 9 divers. Another 5 divers have been added to the group. They are specialized to operate in very shallow water. Resources available include a Remus underwater drone and sonar equipment. Of course, maritime explosive ordnance disposal officers and a salvage officer for aircraft salvage are also included.

In the harbor of Makkum

Defense divers are regularly deployed at the request of the police or the judiciary. This concerns, for example, the search for bodies of missing persons in sunken vessels or the tracing of evidence for a judicial investigation.

Diving craft Argus (front) and Nautilus

For such tasks, retaining experience, as well as being able to work in or with a team is important. The search for the wrecks in the IJsselmeer offers plenty of opportunity for this.

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