Norwegian Navy Trains With HMS Northumberland

June 10, 2021 (Google Translation) – In recent weeks, the annual submarine Exercise Grüner Aal has taken place in the area south of Bergen. The exercise is a bilateral torpedo shooting exercise, focusing on realistic and varied scenarios.

Due to COVID, it is challenging for foreign vessels to participate. This year, it was the submarine KNM Uredd, the logistics vessel KNM Magnus Lagabøte, the tug HS4 Mjølner and the British frigate HMS Northumberland that trained together on anti-submarine and surface warfare.

An important goal of Exercise Grüner Aal was to train torpedo shooting from Submarine at different levels and in different scenarios. It also has our unique opportunities for surface units to practice real torpedo threats and train countermeasures.

Good results from the training

KNM Uredd has benefited greatly from training together with the British frigate HMS Northumberland.

HMS Northumberland is a silent frigate designed for anti-submarine warfare. It has a high level of training, something that creates a starting point for good training for KNM Uredd, says squadron commander in 1st Submarine Squadron, war captain Bård Hess.

Norwegian submarines are also sought-after partners for foreign vessels. The Ula class is quiet and difficult for frigates to register.

An exercise at such a level raises the competence both for the individual, but also for the entire organization that has to deal with a possible threat, Hess concludes.

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