FS Prairial Delivering COVIC Vaccine to Polynesian Islands

June 10, 2021 (Google Translation) – The ORA-ORA mission, the Polynesian component of Operation RESILIENCE, aims to help local authorities in the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and to reach certain particularly isolated atolls.

In this context, the surveillance frigate Prairial is deployed from the 1 st to June 11, in the vast Tuamotu archipelago. The Prairial can quickly deploy medical teams by drome or helicopter on each island, while continuing its journey to the next. Thanks to its capabilities, the frigate was able to deploy medical teams to three islands in the same day.

The sailors also take this opportunity to meet the population, carry out hydrographic surveys and update the maps and information held by the Armed Forces on its islands. Thanks to their investment, the Prairial should visit 11 islands 582 nautical miles apart in just 11 days.

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