Integration of Frigate La Fayette into Carrier Strike Group

June 10, 2021 (Google Translation) – From May 19 to 29, 2021, the frigate La Fayette was integrated into Task force (TF) 473 around the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the eastern Mediterranean.

Multipurpose frigate, the FLF La Fayette was used for the purpose of mastering and controlling air and sea space in order to complete the naval system of the TF 473 in the eastern Mediterranean, in a particularly dense operational environment. This allows the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) to have the best possible knowledge of the tactical situation in the area and an autonomous situational capability in the Syria channel, within the framework of Operation CHAMMAL. The La Fayette vessel , through its agility, was able to make a significant contribution to the establishment of the situation by crisscrossing the area of ​​operations at high speed and by extending its range thanks to its Panther helicopter from the 36F flotilla.

This integration was marked by three replenishments at sea with the Var Command and Supply Building (BCR) , which carried out its last operational deployment. Rear Admiral (CA) Marc Aussedat, commander of TF 473, visited the La Fayette on May 28.

Finally, this integration into the very wide operational spectrum allowed the FLF crew to perfect a very high level of operational preparation by working within the crews of the CLEMENCEAU 2021 mission.

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