Submarine training facility takes shape at HMNB Clyde

June 9, 2021 – Work is well underway on a new training facility which will secure HMNB Clyde as the central base for submariners in the UK.

Last year the Defence Infrastructure Organization (DIO) awarded a contract worth £100-million to Kier Graham to deliver the works, which are expected to complete in early 2022.

The Submarine Training Facility (SMTF) building will provide training for submariners on the new Dreadnought Class submarines, which will maintain the UK’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent. Designed and built in the UK, these submarines will employ world-leading and cutting-edge technology

Training currently based at the Royal Naval Submarine School (RNSMS) at HMS Raleigh and the Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE), the Nuclear Systems Group and Nuclear Department (ND) at HMS Sultan will also transfer to the new facility.

This week the new building started to take shape as steel frames were put into place, marking a significant construction milestone in the project.

The new SMTF facility will be located adjacent to, but separate from, the recently completed submarine escape, rescue, abandonment and survival (SMERAS) facility on the base.

The works are part of a wider Defence plan to create a Submarine Centre of Specialization located at HMNB Clyde, which is already home to the core of the Submarine Service, including the nuclear deterrent and new generation of hunter-killer submarine. DIO is investing a total £1.6-billion in facilities at HMNB Clyde .

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