Portugal Combating International Drug Trafficking

June 5, 2021 (Google Translation) – ​The Judiciary Police, the Portuguese Air Force, the National Maritime Authority and the Portuguese Navy, developed a joint operation in international waters south of Portugal, which managed to identify and apprehend a manned pleasure craft, due to strong suspicions of the crime of illicit drug trafficking.

In close sharing of information and joint efforts between the entities involved, after aerial monitoring carried out by an Air Force aircraft, a maritime approach operation in international waters was devised and implemented, in conjunction between the Southern Regional Command of the Maritime Police and the Judiciary Police, with the commitment of two high-speed Maritime Police vessels, a fast assault boat, with elements of the Navy and Maritime Police approach platoon and a fast inspection boat, both from the Portuguese Navy, aiming at a vessel that it moved about 50 nautical miles (approximately 92 kilometers) south of mainland territory.

The approach taken by maritime means allowed the interception of the pleasure craft with the Portuguese flag, detaining its crew member, a 35-year-old man, and preventing relevant evidence elements and the narcotic product from being projected into the water.

The police action resulted in the seizure of 30 (thirty) bales of hash, with a total weight of approximately 1100 kg.

​The detainee will be presented to the competent Judiciary Authority and the investigation continues under the responsibility of the Judiciary Police, within the scope of an inquiry whose direction is in charge of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action.

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