Navy Nuclear Refueling Barge Arrives in Mobile to be Scrapped

June 3, 2021 – Mobile is buzzing with excitement about the arrival of the SSSB: A U.S. Navy Surface Ship Support Barge that has made its final port of call, arriving at Alabama Shipyard. Alabama Shipyard is partnering with Aptim to get the job done. General Manager Lee Stokes hopes this dismantlement is the first of many more.

The barge was used for dockside refueling of nuclear-powered vessels and for disassembly of spent nuclear fuel components. It has been deemed obsolete, and will be scrapped in this strategic joint venture between Alabama Shipyard and Aptim Federal Services, LLC.

“Having a strong partner like APTIM helps. They have a long history of this type of project; a lot of safety protocols are involved. They are connected with all of the right regulatory bodies and have all the right trade secrets to make this absolutely safe,” said Alabama Shipyard General Manager, Lee Stokes.

“APTIM is proud of our contribution to safely and efficiently dispose of this once strategic asset,” said Alan Weakley, Aptim’s President. “We are also proud of our partnership with Alabama Shipyard and their impressive safety record.”

The SSSB dismantlement is a 3 year, $129 million dollar project that brings hundreds of jobs to Mobile. “The SSSB brings with it an exciting opportunity for the City of Mobile’s economy by paving the way for tremendous job growth now and through future work in the dismantlement of Navy ships with highly skilled personnel.”, said Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

“We are making our brand known with the Navy. We do this work and we are trying to make a name for ourselves here in Mobile,” said Stokes.

Keep your eyes on Alabama Shipyard. With the successful completion of this project, we anticipate earning the Navy’s confidence in our environmental competence and many more military nuclear recycling projects. That means revenue for Mobile, and gainful employment for it’s citizens.

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