Courbet Trains with Omani Navy

February 17, 2020 (Google Translation) – From 9 to 11 February 2020, after a stopover in Abu Dhabi, the crew of the frigate La Fayette type Courbet sailed again to participate in the 25th edition of the annual exercise “Khundjar-Hadd,” This event was organized by the Royal Navy of Oman.

The “Khunjar-Hadd” exercise is part of a context of consolidation of naval cooperation with the Omani Navy, an essential player for the stability of the region. The objective was to improve interoperability between our two armies and to strengthen our ties.

Half a dozen naval units supported by several Navy and Air Force aircraft were assembled to take part in this exercise, thus giving it an air-maritime dimension. Through various exercises, they trained their crews in shooting (GUNEX), anti-ship control (SURFEX) or even anti-aircraft defense through ADEX ( Air Defense Exercise ) thanks to the participation of two Rafales from the air base 104 , a British Falcon , Eurofighters and an Omani Casa 295 .

The frigate Courbet, under operational control of the admiral commanding the Indian Ocean maritime zone and the French forces in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU), welcomed on board an Omani liaison officer.

This new edition was also an opportunity, during a VIP Day chaired by the Chief of Staff of the Omani Navy, to bring together ambassadors and military authorities, including ALINDIEN, Vice-Admiral Didier Malaterre, on board of the Omani flagship Al Dhafra.

With its three ports of call (Muscat, Salalah and more recently Duqm), the Sultanate of Oman offers French military buildings as many strategic points of support. Since 2010, the French Navy has counted more than 100 stopovers in the sultanate, including nearly twenty for the year 2019.

With nearly 650 soldiers deployed, the FFEAU constitutes one of the French advanced operational bases abroad. As such, it supports the French military means deployed in the Arab-Persian Gulf and the North Indian Ocean. Thanks to its conditions of hardening, it also makes it possible to train the French soldiers with the actions of combat in desert area and in urban area. As commander of the Indian Ocean maritime zone (ALINDIEN), COMFOR FFEAU exercises its authority over a maritime zone extending from the South of the Suez Canal to the West, and to the East up to the Western limits of the waters from Burma, Indonesia and Australia. He promoted France’s defense policy there and animated bilateral military relations.

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