Plaque Laid on Wreck on FS Laplace Sunk September 16, 1950

June 4, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Saturday, May 22, 2021, a commemoration ceremony was held at the site of the sinking of the frigate Laplace in Fresnaye Bay. A commemorative plaque was immersed on the wreck on this occasion by the divers of the Saint-Malo club in the presence of the commander of the Hydrographic Building Laplace.

On the night of Friday 15 to Saturday 16 September 1950, shortly after anchoring in Fresnaye Bay, the frigate Laplace sank at sea following the explosion of a German magnetic mine during the Second World War. Of the 92 crew members, 51 perished in the sinking.

70 years after this sad event, it is in a desire to protect this wreck and to honor the memory of the deceased that a ceremony was held on Saturday, May 22, 2021 in tribute to these missing sailors and that a commemorative plaque was immersed on the wreck. Installed on the port propeller of the frigate, this plate must be able to remind the many divers who visit this site of this tragic event and encourage them to respect this place of history and memory.

“This shipwreck is important in the history of our region, both historically and heritage,” says Emmanuel Feige, president of the SMPE (Saint Malo Plongée Emeraude) club. It therefore seems important to us to insist on respect for the site. Indeed, many sailors who disappeared on that tragic night were from the Saint-Malo region.

This ceremony organized jointly by the BH Laplace and the Diving Club of Saint-Malo was held with the support of the SNSM stations of Saint Cast and Saint Malo. After a minute of silence, to the sound of fog horns, in tribute to the missing sailors, Emmanuel Feige, historian and director of the Diving Club of Saint-Malo accompanied Lieutenant Commander Nicolas Santens, commander of the hydrographic vessel Laplace for a dive on the wreck which rests by 20 meters of bottom in order to immerse the plate and fix it on the port propeller of the frigate.

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