Yantar Shipyard Begins Testing Project 02670 Yevgeny Goriglezhan

June 4, 2021 (Google Translation) – At the Baltic shipyard “Yantar” (part of the USC), the oceanographic research vessel “Evgeny Goriglezhan” is undergoing mooring trials.

The active phase of mooring tests on the oceanographic research vessel (OIS) “Evgeny Gorigledzhan” has begun. The equipment continues to be turned on and configured. More than 200 people work on board every day. The ship should be delivered to the customer in 2021.

OIS project 02670 “Evgeny Goriglezhan” was built as a result of re-equipment of the rescue tugboat MB-305. The ship was laid down on March 19, 2016, the Day of the Russian Submarine Forces. It was named after Evgeny Alekseevich Gorigledzhan, General Designer of Special Purpose Nuclear Submarines at the Rubin Central Design Bureau (03/19/1934 – 09/26/2014). Project 02670 was developed at the Almaz Central Design Bureau.

The vessel of this project is intended for underwater technical work, environmental monitoring of the marine environment, oceanographic surveys of the bottom layer, and assistance to the search and rescue forces at sea. It is capable of taking on board underwater and rescue vehicles. The displacement of the vessel is 4 thousand tons, length – 81 meters, width – 16 meters, autonomy – 30 days, crew – 32 people and 25 people of the expedition.

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