ARA Austral Drydocked at Puerto Belgrano

June 1, 2021 (Google Translation) – The oceanographic vessel ARA “Austral” (BHAU) entered Dock No. 1 of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Arsenal yesterday morning to begin its fairing. The ship will remain dry for approximately 85/90 days.

The Argentine Navy provides this type of logistical support to the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET) whenever necessary. In the first quarter of 2017, the previous “Austral” fairing was executed at the Puerto Belgrano Naval Arsenal, while in 2018 it also entered the dock for the installation of a new multi-beam probe.

On this occasion, in addition to the own fairing works (cleaning, inspection and painting of the hull, tour of the hull valves, inspection and measurements on the horn, crow’s feet, shaft line, propeller and rudder and verification of the chains and anchors), it is planned to carry out the repair of a frame and the repairs of at least 9 ballast tanks. It is also contemplated to disassemble the winch and the bow winches for repair in a naval workshop.

Likewise, the unit will be put to dry use to reinstall the EM-2040 probe transducer that had been disassembled and sent to Europe for review because it had a factory fault.

Rust removal and painting of the ship’s decks and superstructure will also continue.

During this period on the dock, a large number of smaller works will be tackled, such as the route of the bilge, large-scale, fire, ballast and vacuum pumps, the gyrocompass route, construction of elements of the basic stock of fault control, the route of the hydraulic locks of the moon pool, the route of electric fans, the route of the turbochargers of the main engines, switch maintenance, instrument calibration, among others.

Once the tasks at the dock facilities of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Arsenal have been completed, the ship will return to its usual station at the Mar del Plata Naval Base to continue with the repairs and pending maintenance tasks, which will require approximately another two months of work.

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