Forbin Completes Participation in Formidable Shield 21

May 31, 2021 (Google Translation) – Integrated since May 15 in the international task group of exercise FORMIDABLE SHIELD 21, the crew of the Air Defense Frigate (FDA) Forbin has carried out numerous air defense training with the other vessels of the force. Prepared to operate in an allied context, he assumed command of the anti-aircraft field of this maritime force. Many scenarios took place in order to mobilize the specific capabilities of each unit but also interoperability between allied navies. The mobilization of aircraft made it possible to simulate attacks but also to fire countermeasures, decoys capable of deflecting a hostile missile from its target.

Exercise FORMIDABLE SHIELD 21 was an opportunity to carry out live fire on rarely used targets. On Friday, May 21, FDA Forbin sailors destroyed a supersonic target with a combat charge Aster 30 missile. They also took advantage of the firing sequences of other units to train themselves to face some of the most demanding air and missile defense situations to date, by detecting modern targets, simulating engagements and exchanging their tactical situation. via data transmission networks.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to operate as an international force, the navies present carried out other exercises training the crews in electronic warfare, when detection and communication capabilities are scrambled, but also in anti-submarine warfare. . In addition, during close quarters, the helmsmen practiced communicating discreetly using flags, using the international code of maritime signals. Finally, firing exercises on floating or aerial targets made it possible to mobilize the various weapons on board.

For Captain Jean-Olivier Grall, commander of the FDA Forbin , participation in this exercise is “ a great collective success, that of an entire building, of an entire crew. Integrating such an international force is an ambitious challenge. You have to be in the game from the first minute . If one of the main milestones was the success of the firing sequence of a combat missile, the numerous air defense exercises also enabled the crew of the Forbin to demonstrate their know-how and the capabilities of the air force. French Navy in this area. These numerous trainings made it possible to directly prepare the two hundred and nine sailors of the situations they may encounter. During a general broadcast, Captain Grall also reminded his crew: ” The sea conditions are mediocre, the buildings around us will hinder our maneuver, finally the action will last only a few seconds, probably at the end of the day. after several hours at the combat post. It’s perfect: in combat, tomorrow, in a year, in ten years, the conditions will probably be similar ”.

On May 27, FDA Forbin concluded its participation in FORMIDABLE SHIELD 21 . After a logistical stopover in Brest to refuel and carry out corrective maintenance, the Forbin resumed its patrol in the Atlantic as part of the permanent maritime safeguard posture and then heads to the Mediterranean Sea for the second part of its operational deployment.

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