Vympel Shipyard Launches Their Largest Ship to Date

June 1, 2021 (Microsoft Translation) – On June 1, at the Vympel Shipyard, a ceremony was held for the launching of a maritime transport of weapons of project 20360M, serial number 01551 “Gennady Dmitriev”. This is the largest vessel in the history of the company. At the moment, the weight of the ship’s hull is 2,200 tons.

The launching was attended by the General Director of the Vympel shipyard Yevgeny Norenko, the chief of armaments – Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for armaments, Captain 1st Rank Valery Khorun, the head of the service of naval training of crews of support vessels of the Navy Anzor Dandamaev, representatives of the Yaroslavl Government region, the head of Rybinsk. The family of Gennady Dmitriev came to the ceremony.

The general director of Vympel, Evgeny Norenko, called the day of the launch of the sea transport of weapons historical: “Today we are launching the largest vessel in the history of the Vympel shipyard. I would like to express my sincere gratitude, first of all, to the customers who believed in us and entrusted the construction of such a large and complex ship as a naval arms transport. Thanks to the people who have invested in the construction of the ship not only a piece of labor, but also a piece of their soul. A ship is a living organism, it absorbs our energy and promises, therefore it cannot be created without a soul. ”

On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, Vympel shipbuilders were congratulated by Captain 1st Rank Anzor Dandamaev.

He conveyed to the Rybinsk shipbuilders the words of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy that “the shipyard is coping with the construction of a large-displacement vessel with honor, although the enterprise had previously built low-tonnage vessels. This speaks of the strong production potential of the Vympel shipyard.

“ The main command of the Navy is planning the serial construction of sea transports of weapons 20360M. Operation of the head sea transport of weapons “Gennady Dmitriev” of project 20360M, which has been launched today, will allow in the future to modernize and improve the transports of this project. Such ships are necessary for the Navy, as they are capable of solving tasks in the distant sea and ocean zones, including in the Arctic zone, since they have an ice class of the hull, ” – quoted the words of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, in his speech at the ceremony Captain 1st Rank Anzor Dandamaev.

The rite of consecration of the ship was served. Alyona Burova, the ship’s godmother, deputy head of the financial planning and reporting department of the Vympel shipyard, smashed a bottle of champagne on the side.

After the completion of the solemn part, preparations began for the technical part of the descent. This is a responsible and very difficult stage. The launching of the vessel into the water will take more than 5 hours in total.

The ship was named in honor of Captain 1st Rank Gennady Dmitriev, who went from the commander of the navigational unit of a small anti-submarine ship to the head of the state acceptance department of ships of the Main Command of the Navy.

The Project 20360M maritime armament transport is being built by order of the RF Ministry of Defense. Designer – JSC “KB” Vympel ”

The vessel has an ice-reinforced hull, double bottom and double sides, two cargo holds, a platform for transporting cargo in containers and a forward helicopter landing platform.

Purpose of MTV: reception, storage and transportation of weapons.

Tactical and technical characteristics:

Full displacement – more than 3600 tons
Length, m – 77
Width, m – 16
Board height, m ​​- 6.3

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