Project 03182 Vitse-Admiral Paramov Commissioned

May 29, 2021 (Google Translation) – Today, in the main base of the Black Sea Fleet (PF) – Sevastopol, a small naval tanker (MT) “Vitse-Admiral Paramov” has been accepted into the auxiliary fleet’s support vessel squad.

Before the start of the raising of the St. Andrew’s flag, the rank of its consecration was held, which was attended by: the command of the fleet, the crew of the tugboat, representatives of the manufacturer, veterans of the Black Sea Fleet and representatives of local authorities.

After the inclusion in the fleet, the crew of the ship will begin to work out special course tasks, after the delivery of which will begin to perform the planned tasks of combat training.

The small naval tanker Vitse-Admiral Paramov, built at the Nizhny Novgorod Volga plant on the project of the “Selenodol Design Bureau”, is the main vessel of this project and is a multi-purpose vessel designed to transport liquid, dry and discharged cargo, with the possibility of receiving Ka-27 helicopter equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles. The tanker is able to effectively supply surface ships and ships of the fleet, transfer them various cargoes, take water and solid waste. It is possible to use the vessel as a patrol or rescue vessel. The design of the hull provides for the possibility of working in the Arctic zone.

Vitse-Admiral Paramov has a total displacement of 3500 tons, a length of 78.8 m, a width of 15.4 m, and a precipitation of 5 m at full load.

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