Pyotr Velikiy Trains for Combat

May 28, 2021 (Google Translation) – In the Barents Sea, in the training ranges of the Northern Fleet’s heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARCR), The Heavy Nuclear Missile Cruiser (TARCR) of the Northern Fleet, interacted with the aircraft and helicopters of the Air Force and Air Defense Army, began to perform combat training tasks.

During the first phase of the training exercise, the ship’s radio equipment was tested in various modes of work to detect and escort air targets. The role of the air target was performed by the Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft.

The crew then worked out the interaction with the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopters to search for enemy submarines.

In the near future, the crew of the cruiser “Peter the Great” will undergo a series of exercises on anti-submarine and air defense, during which training and combat exercises with the practical use of weapons will be performed.

The Tarkr Great is the world’s largest non-aircraft strike warship equipped with a nuclear power plant. It is designed to hit large surface targets and to provide integrated anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defense. The cruiser “Peter the Great” is equipped with Granit cruise missiles, anti-aircraft defense systems, anti-aircraft missile, artillery and anti-submarine weapons.

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