USS Thomas Hudner Joins French Carrier Strike Group

May 27, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, the USS Thomas Hudner , the last destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class , joined the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) formed around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and currently deployed in the eastern Mediterranean on a CLEMENCEAU 21 mission.

Like the USS Mahan , USS Donald Cook , USS Monterey and USS Laboon which previously took part in the CLEMENCEAU 21 mission, the USS Thomas Hudner operates as an escort within the French GAN. ”  This is a real proof of cooperation  ,” said the admiral rear (against Admiral) Anthony Carullo, director of operations of US naval forces in Europe and Africa ( US Naval Forces Europe and Africa). “We strive to maintain strong links with all our partners and allies, like the special relationship we have with France. This lasting relationship is a strategic advantage and a unique force for NATO ”.

Rear Admiral Marc Aussedat, commanding Task force 473 from Charles de Gaulle , recalls that “since the start of the CLEMENCEAU 21 mission, an American escort vessel has been integrated into the carrier strike group, and this almost continuously. . Today is the turn of the USS Thomas Hudner . These integrations underline the regularity and depth of cooperation between our two navies. After having commanded Task Force 50, I am honored to see us entrusted with such a modern destroyer to maintain our high level of interoperability ”.

It is therefore alongside the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , the Air Defense Frigate (FDA) Chevalier Paul, the Multi-mission Frigate (FREMM) Provence and the Command and Supply Building (BCR) Var that the ‘USS Thomas Hudner is participating in the CLEMENCEAU 21 mission in the Mediterranean, operating in support of Task Force 473 and once again demonstrating the common commitment of the French and the Americans to the stability and security of the area.

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