Moskva & Admiral Grigorovich Return to Sevastopol

May 22, 2021 (Google Translation) – Guards missile cruiser (4kr) “Moscow” and frigate (Fr) “Admiral Grigorovich” returned to the main base of the Black Sea Fleet – Sevastopol after performing planned ship combat exercises in the black Sea marine ranges.

During the exercises, the crews of the ships successfully worked out the tasks of searching and tracking the submarine, with the execution of actual firing torpedo weapons and rocket-propelled bombs.

Also, in cooperation with the crews of the Navy’s naval aircraft, the sailors fired artillery rounds at air targets, during the repelling of an airstrike by an air enemy.

At the final stage of the exercises, “Moscow” and “Admiral Grigorovich” practiced joint actions on the conditional use of missile weapons to destroy ship groups and ground objects of the conventional enemy.

After resupply and rest, the crews of the ships will continue to perform tasks in accordance with the plan of activity of the Black Sea Fleet forces.

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