Taiwan Naval Command Reports on Shipbuilding

May 24, 2021 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that “the ship-building powers are still hundreds of billions of floating, China’s construction of a built submarine” and “Assistance to IDS construction of Koreans, suspected of touching confidential sensitive information” and other information, the Naval Command today (24) as follows:

1. The contents of media reports are pure speculation, completely not factual and unverified, self-reporting is not true and fair, calling on the media to adhere to social morality, avoid confusing the facts, with the intention of affecting the audio-visual of the people of China.

2. The Korean person concerned, employed by a Taiwan shipping company with the intention of seeking personal commercial interests, was found to have been released for breach of contract after verifying that the Taiwan Shipping Company had not been involved in leakage of its business. Completely inconsistent with media reports, the media are urged not to over-interpret.

3. World’s submarine manufacturing, considering the cost of construction and mature products, reduce research and development costs, are not a single country independently completed, even the United States, Japan, Australia, European countries have other countries’ submarines equipment, China’s Sword Dragon-class submarines also have equipment from several countries, showing that media reports are biased, highlighting the lack of professionalism, it is hereby clarified.

4. Submarine nation-building is the people of the country to look forward to, but also the most important asymmetrical combat force of national defense force, for submarine nation-building important work, have completed risk control including no increase in budget, equipment selection, weight control, overall system interface integration, safety operation curve, deep-water blasting test and other multi-projects, all by the army, Taiwan ships and project technical cooperation to complete the assessment, has been gradually carried out according to the plan progress.

5. The Army will uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude, do a good job in risk management, under the supervision of both houses of legislation and supervision, according to the plan to complete the task of submarine nation-building, and implore the people of China to support.

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