Commandant Birot Trains With Romanian Navy

May 21, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Monday May 18, after a stopover in the port city of Constanţa in Romania, which is also the base port of the Romanian fleet, the High Seas Patroller (PHM) Commander Birot set sail together with the anchor of mines Vice-Admiral Constantin Balescu . This day at sea was the opportunity to conduct several targeted training sessions with a Romanian navy unit expert in mine warfare.

At the end of the departure of the two units, Vice-Admiral Constantin Balescu made one of his boats available for the latter to carry out attacks on the two buildings in their channeling phase out of the port area. The latter then took the lead of a convoy, placing the Birot in its wake in order to guide it through a simulated minefield. The two vessels continued their training through joint maneuvers before completing the PASSEX ( exercise of opportunity at sea) by a Presentation to Refueling at Sea (PAR). During this PAR, the two commanders shared their impressions before finally greeting each other. This training, carried out according to strict NATO procedures, demonstrates very good interoperability between the two partner navies.

Present in the Black Sea since May 11, 2021 , Commander Birot then resumed his patrol autonomously. The French Navy thus regularly displays its presence alongside its allies in the area. Likewise, it is also evolving there with a view to providing French staffs with the assurance of an independent assessment of the situation.

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