Languedoc joins the carrier strike group

May 19, 2021 (Google Translation) – Since Saturday May 8, the Carrier Strike Group (GAN), deployed as part of the CLEMENCEAU 21 mission, has been reinforced by the Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) Languedoc, thus completing with a second FREMM, the naval system of the Task Force 473 in the eastern Mediterranean.

For Rear Admiral Marc Aussedat, commander of the GAN, welcoming this capability constitutes a major advantage: “ In the eastern Mediterranean, where naval activity is particularly dense, this reinforcement is an asset, in particular for increasing anti-submarine protection. of the force. The arrival of Languedoc gives us simultaneously the capacity to protect the aircraft carrier, to anticipate a possible threat and to make the most of the environment ”.

The Languedoc A crew meticulously prepared this integration so that the vessel was operational as soon as it arrived in the area. Captain Yves Le Goff, his captain, specifies: “Throughout the month of April, we conducted an operational training course, specifically geared towards our deployment as an escort for the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. Indeed, the preparation of a FREMM crew differs if it is a mission carried out autonomously or an integration as an escort within the GAN. In this case, the level of complexity is higher and the organization must be more robust. We must be ready to operate simultaneously, in all areas of warfare, to allow the aircraft carrier to concentrate on its primary mission of combating terrorism within Operation CHAMMAL. Moreover, we did not wait to join the GAN to be useful to it. As they ascended the Suez Canal, after their deployment in the Gulf,”.

It is now with resolution that Languedoc approaches CLEMENCEAU 21 and the rest of its mission: “ Within the GAN escort, we are deployed alongside FREMM Provence. Our crews know each other and have been used to working together, which is a real strength, ”continues Captain Le Goff. “ We will act in an adaptable, coordinated and perfectly interchangeable way to distribute the tasks between us. “.

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