Russians Conduct ASW Training in White Sea

May 18, 2021 (Google Translation) – Small anti-submarine ships (MPC) of the White Sea naval base of the Northern Fleet “Onega” and “Naryan-Mar” made an inter-base crossing from the White Sea to the Barents Sea and arrived in Severomorsk. Within a few days, their crews will replenish the necessary ship’s supplies and will go to the Barents Sea for joint training and combat missions.

In the naval training ranges, ships as part of the search strike group will work out the search for the submarine of the conventional enemy, tracking it, maintaining contact and forcing to sail into an surface position. Also, the crews will perform a number of training firings with artillery and anti-submarine weapons.

A week ago, the Naryan-Mar and Onega IPC performed separate elements of the naval training course in the White Sea.

Due to the fact that the White Sea is covered with ice in winter, some practical elements of combat training crews of ships guarding the water district of the White Sea Naval Base of the Northern Fleet at sea work out at the end of the winter training period, when it fully allows to make the ice situation.

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