South Korea Orders New Coastal Surveillance Radar

May 14, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Friday, May 14, the Defense Business Administration (Cheongjiang Kang In-ho) signed a contract with LIGOX1 To develop a maritime security leader-II production contract worth approximately 164 billion won.

Maritime surveillance radar-II is a radar for detecting ships and aircraft moving in medium-range seas installed on major coasts and islands, the data detected by the radar is transmitted to the monitoring inspection system and each military C4I system centered on the naval commander to share the tactical situation between the troops and combatants through the integration and supporting the reasonable decision-making of the commander to ensure operational success through real-time command control to share the detection information of the waters around the Korean Peninsula.

The maritime maritime security rayer-II, which replaces the existing maritime maritime security grid currently in operation, is a power that has succeeded in independent research and development at LIGOX1 Co., Ltd. based on domestic technology, as opposed to conventional equipment produced in a technical cooperation manner with U.S. companies.

Maritime safety radar-II has improved detection capabilities and accuracy, such as the ability to separate and identify adjacent targets significantly improved compared to conventional radar. In addition, by applying a radome (Radome) shape covered with a protective covering on the outside of the radar antenna, as well as made possible to operate without interruption in strong winds and typhoons, as compared to conventional equipment stronger in heat and impact, the durability is improved at the same time reducing the power consumption stability has also been increased.

The equipment produced through this mass production contract will be deployed sequentially to the Navy from next year and installed in the waters all over the East, West, and South Seas, further strengthening our military’s maritime and early response capabilities.

On the other hand, in addition to the system company LIGOX1 Co., Ltd., more than 100 major defense companies and small and medium-sized suppliers such as STX Engine Co., Ltd. will participate in the production project, and the main core components such as devices that amplify the frequency transmission power to amplify the frequency transmission power and supply it to the antenna are supplied from domestic companies, so it is expected to contribute greatly to the revitalization of the defense industry and the creation of domestic jobs.

“The independent domestic development and construction of a stable production system of maritime surveillance leader-II will improve our military’s ability to deal with the maritime sector early, and we expect to contribute to the national economy, including the activation of the defense industry,” said Kim Yong-young, director of the Surveillance Electronics Business Department of the Defense Business Administration. Said.

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