MISSION MARIANNE – An example of cooperation between surface and underwater forces

May 18, 2021 (Google Translation) – It is a dark rock that pierces in the distance on a sea scratched by the mistral: Cape Sicié is in sight, synonymous, for the sailors who see it, back at the port-base. Away from their families for 5 months, the sailors of Crew B of the Metropolitan Support and Assistance Vessel (BSAM) Seine are aware of having participated in an extraordinary mission by accompanying the Nuclear Attack Submarine (SNA) Emerald in the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean.

Deployed within the MARIANNE mission in The Indo-Pacific, the Seine, without being essential to the implementation of the SNA deployment, has been a formidable facilitator. A veritable supporting vessel, with a wide range of resources ranging from manoeuvring areas to cranes and important logistical capabilities, it has contributed to the elongation and endurance of the SNA to the sea.

Having on board a stock of spare parts and operational supplies, it has confirmed its capabilities as a support building, capable of implementing various means, independently, away from its base port. Among these means, the ability to spin and recover the linear antenna towed from the NAS allowed the safe execution of these delicate manoeuvres during stopovers. Finally, its presence was enhanced by the deterioration of the health situation in Southeast Asia during the deployment, as the stopovers proved uncertain, requiring logistical refuelling at sea.

But the Seine is not the only surface building to have participated in the MARIANNE mission. Departing from the naval base in Nouméa, New Caledonia, on 6 January 2021 for a two-month mission to Southeast Asia, the Vendémiaire joined the MARIANNE group to accompany the Emerald during its surface transit out of the China Sea through the Sunda Strait, between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. When the Vendemiaire entered the South China Sea, a Chinese frigate struck it from a safe but continuous distance to the Indonesian Archipelagic routes.

Thus, the presence of the Vendémiaire in support of the group was indispensable and helped to consolidate and secure the realization of the surface transit component of the Emerald. This unusual escort mission demonstrates the capabilities of the Navy’s surface forces to deploy around the world to conduct a broad spectrum of missions.

In addition to support activities for theEmerald,the Seine has also helped strengthen France’s relations with partner nations in the area, including an exercise with the US Navy, and has participated in other operations of its level for the benefit of the operational controller, such as the ICRN in the Indian Ocean. At the time of the passage of the Sunda Strait, the FS

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