FS Forbin Taking Part in Formidable Shield 2021

May 14, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Friday, May 7, the last hawsers that held the Air Defense Frigate (FDA) Forbin were dropped: the vessel resumed sea and its operational cycle after a technical shutdown of a few months. This shutdown enabled the FDA to regenerate its technical capacities (retrofitting of its combat system, periodic inspections of the propulsion system and the ancillaries, maintenance of the PAAMS surface-to-air missile defense system).

After a period of medical isolation before departure, the day was dedicated to the last movements of equipment and food at the quay. Under gusts of thirty-five knots but escorted by four port resources from the Toulon naval base, the Forbin doubled the passes and headed out to sea. A few minutes after leaving the main roadstead, the Panther helicopter, on board the 36F flotilla, landed on the Forbin . Thus joined by the sailors of the naval aeronautics detachment, the crew of the frigate was complete to begin its mission.

The Forbin set sail for the Strait of Gibraltar to deploy to the North Atlantic and participate in FORMIDABLE SHIELD 21, a high-intensity exercise involving nine other Allied navies. Organized by the command of the 6 th US fleet, it will take place soon off Scotland and will implement predominantly capabilities and anti-aircraft missile complex against air threats.

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