Mission JEANNE D’ARC 21: Participation in the AETO operation in the East China Sea

May 11, 2021 (Google Translation) – From May 3 to 8, the buildings of the JEANNE D’ARC (JDA) mission, the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) and the La Fayette (FLF) Surcouf type frigate took part in the AETO operation in the China Sea. Orientale, French contribution to the international system for combating the circumvention of the sanctions established by the United Nations Security Council against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) after its violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Launched in 2018, Operation AETO, under the command of ALPACI, consists of monitoring, in the East China Sea, illegal transhipments of embargoed materials to the DPRK. The Joan of Arc group was thus fully integrated into Operation AETO. In this context, the Panther helicopter, on board the PHA, regularly carried out maritime surveillance flights in order to identify or relocate vessels that could engage in transhipment activities at sea. is observed, it is the subject of a report to the central operations (CO) of the PHA and can lead to interrogations from the helicopter. As such, the four members of the aircraft carefully monitored any sign that could indicate that a vessel was engaged in illegal transhipments, such as a lack of flag or emission of the automatic identification system ( Automatic identification system- AIS). All the information is integrated into the information base which is shared by all the participating countries. The passage of the JEANNE D’ARC mission in the East China Sea, before its docking at Sasebo in Japan, therefore made it possible to complete and clarify the naval situation in the area crossed.

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