RFS Admiral Gorshkov in Severodvinsk for Missile Tests

May 12, 2021 (Google Translation) – The lead frigate of Project 22350 of the Northern Fleet “Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet Gorshkov”, after participating in the celebrations dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory in the hero city of Murmansk, began an inter-base passage to Severodvinsk.

Yesterday the ship sailed to the Barents Sea and headed east along the coast of the Kola Peninsula. The frigate’s arrival at the White Sea naval base is expected tomorrow.

During the passage across the Barents and White Seas, the ship’s crew will continue to improve their naval training.

In Severodvinsk, the ship will take part in the final stages of testing a promising missile weapon.

Earlier, on May 8 and 9, by the decision of the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, the frigate took part in the Victory Day events in the city of Murmansk and was open to the public. For two days about 9 thousand Murmansk residents visited it.

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