Antonio Marceglia Taking Part in Formidable Shield

May 12, 2021 (Google Translation) – ​ITS Antonio Marceglia left yesterday the port of Lisbon heading towards Scotland, where she is going to participate, from 15 to 28 May, to the international missile defense exercise named At Sea Demonstration / Formidable Shield-21 (ASD/FS21) at UK MoD Hebrides range.

ASD/FS21 Exercise is unique of its kind, providing participants with the opportunity to train in a highly realistic scenario, challenged with numerous targets and missile threats. Drills in the training range will include testing state-of-the-art integrated air and missile defense capabilities, with a view to enhance rapidity and effectiveness in countering these threats.

The Exercise is also a test bench for NATO, which will have the opportunity to test its capacity to coordinate operations conducted by naval, land and air assets in the exercise area, in order to improve allied interoperability in terms of data exchange and procedures.

Italy has taken part in this exercise since 2015 deploying a naval unit, with excellent outcomes in terms of training and testing, which contribute significantly to the development of Integrated Air and Missile Defence IAMD) and Anti Theatre Ballistic Missile (ATBM) capabilities. Such capabilities ere developed by the Italian Navy in synergy with national industry, through the formulation of modern operational requirements for tailored implementation, and partnerships for design and construction of equipment and systems. The Italian Navy plays today a leading role for the national business community, with a significant positive impact on the whole economic system of our country.

ITS Antonio Marceglia – 144 meters of length, and a crew of 190 – is the eighth frigate of the FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigate) program, and fourth in General Purpose (GP) configuration. Built in Genoa and La Spezia shipyards, and delivered to the Italian Navy in 2019, the unit meets mission requirements for the conduct of a wide range of maritime operations including homeland defense, control of maritime areas of national interest, and power projection from and on the sea.

The Italian frigate is heading to Scotland at the end of an intense training period in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, culminated in participation in the Portugal-led international CONTEX-PHIBEX 21 Exercise, from 4 to 10 May.​


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