Charles de Gaulle Supports Operation Inherent Resolve

May 11, 2021 (Google Translation) – For the first time, on Thursday, May 6, 2021, the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) on a CLEMENCEAU 21 mission engaged its Embedded Air Group (GAé) from the Red Sea, to the Iraqi-Syrian theater, as part of Operation CHAMMAL , French part of the INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) operation. Return on this original mission.

On the flight deck of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier , the pilot puts full throttle, salutes the yellow dog and waits, immobilized on the catapult’s hook. “Ready everywhere! The aircraft takes off. The implementation of on-board aviation follows the same sequences, codified and millimetered every day. The mission is unprecedented: since the first contribution of the GAN to Operation CHAMMAL in 2015, GAé planes had never been projected onto the theater from the Red Sea.

This mission responded to a need expressed by the International Coalition engaged against Daesh in the Levant. Lieutenant Julien, Air Operations Controller (COA), was responsible for preparing the mission. “ From the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the GAé, via the GAN headquarters, an entire operational chain has been put into action to anticipate each phase and coordinate closely with the Coalition. ”

On the theater, the E2-C Hawkeye and two Rafale Marine evolved in known areas, for an air support mission to the ground forces engaged against Daesh. If this mission was unprecedented, “ every mission within the framework of OIR follows the same guideline : our procedures are tested and apply whatever the starting point. »Adds the GAé officer. The experience accumulated by the GAN in the Levant made it possible to “ prepare for this mission without difficulty, in the same way as flights operated from the Gulf or the Eastern Mediterranean. ”

For Rear Admiral Aussedat, commander of the GAN, “ the deployment of our aircraft from the Red Sea, for the benefit of Operation CHAMMAL, illustrates the freedom of action of the GAN, wherever we are. finds ”. Modular and reversible tool, “ it is the essence of GAN to be flexible, able to adapt within a very tight deadline. During our transit in the Red Sea, we changed our posture to meet an operational need expressed by the Coalition , before resuming our journey once the objective was reached . “

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