Sarens Transports Zulu Class Submarine For Recycling

The Zulu Class submarine was built in 1956 in Riga as part of the Russian fleet. In 1991 the discarded Foxtrot was brought to the Netherlands by a number of entrepreneurs from Den Helder. The municipality of the area decided to stow away the rusting submarine in Vlaardingen where it will be scrapped.

Sarens was commissioned by Struijk Groep to perform the load-in and transport of the Foxtrot submarine measuring 90m in length and weighing 1500T. The team deployed Kamag 2400ST and custom-built stools, Sheerlegs. The equipment was mobilized onsite in two days and was set-up in another two days. Heavy rainfall made the mobilization challenging but it was safely completed within time.

The load-in of the submarine from the barge was performed using SPMTs. The submarine was transported using 26 axle lines. The SPMTs were positioned on the barge and the submarine was loaded using Sheerlegs. According to KAM, Wesley van Gameren, “We are proud to be part of this prestigious project!”

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