FS Bretagne Undertook Baltic Reconnaissance

April 3, 2020 (Google Translation) – The action of the carrier strike group (GAN), formed around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, was carried to the Baltic by the detachment of the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Brittany, which led an autonomous patrol of 5 days . The opportunity to improve knowledge of this region, to assert the French presence there and to cooperate with our German allies.

Leaving Brest on January 23, the frigate Brittany has been operating for more than two months within GAN, engaged in the Foch mission . It mainly performs the anti-submarine escort function of the aircraft carrier. On March 23, while the force was operating in the North Sea, Brittany was seconded to conduct a patrol in the waters of the Baltic Sea, for the benefit of Task Force 473.

The detachment of the FREMM Bretagne in the Baltic made it possible to provide in-depth lighting of the area and to strengthen its knowledge and control. With its numerous sensors and the multi-fight capabilities of the NH90 Caiman marine helicopter on board, FREMM broadens the knowledge and action capacities in the area for the benefit of GAN. Conducted in autonomy, this patrol will have contributed to improve the appreciation of the situation of France in this strategic zone of the North of Europe, while exercising the freedom of maritime navigation there.

This detachment will also have enabled the crew of Brittany to undertake in the morning of March 27 cooperative maneuvers with the frigate Schleswig-Holstein of the German navy, a country bordering the area just like Denmark and the Scandinavian countries with which the GAN also exercises its operational cooperation within the framework of this deployment.

Crossing westwards the Kattegat then the Skagerrak, maritime spaces connecting the Baltic Sea to the North Sea in the north of Denmark, Brittany joined the aircraft carrier and its escort on March 28.

With a state-of-the-art weapon system, and a naval cruise missile carrying capacity, combined with latest generation detection capabilities, the FREMM reinforces the capabilities of the on-board air group. The two months of Brittany’s contribution to the Foch mission will have been rich in “firsts” for FREMM, admitted to active service in February 2019, and for its crew: first Mediterranean deployment within the naval aviation group then first detachment in the Baltic Sea.

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