Indonesian Navy Practices Evacuations

April 4, 2020 (Google Translation) – A helicopter reportedly suffered engine damage and had to make an emergency landing around the waters of the Madura Strait on Wednesday (01/3). Received the report, the Koarmada II Sea SAR Team immediately responded to prepare for evacuation assistance.

Led directly by Dansatgas Sea Colonel (T) Eduard Simbolon, whose daily life was Head of the Underwater Rescue Agency (Dislambair) of Koarmada II, the Dislambair and Diskes team headed to the scene as an initial rescue effort. Meanwhile the ground team prepared its elements for the evacuation of the victims to the hospital for medical examinations.

The sea evacuation was successfully carried out by a team from KRI Rupat-712 Island and KRI Soputan-923 then handed over to the ground team to the octopus pontoon as an effort to carry out EMU towards RSAL. The shift to the helipad area to RSAL uses Heli Bolco from the Puspenerbal team. Henceforth the KRI Laut Rupat-712 team carried out an evacuation search for wreck heli or air bags.

The incident above is a scenario simulation of a sea SAR training activity in 2020, which has been carried out in the field. Training activities run safely, smoothly, according to established safety procedures or Zero Accident.

“Field maneuvers have been carried out according to plan. Hopefully the results achieved can increase the professionalism of Koarmada II soldiers in providing search and rescue assistance in the event of an accident or other emergency at sea, “said Eduard, Kadislambair’s close greeting.

Eduard then added that if the exercise was carried out by complying with health regulations for the prevention of corona virus transmission. “We still enforce health rules in the exercise, namely checking the temperature of all personnel involved, Privacy Distancing, providing hand washing facilities and limiting the number of personnel involved,” concluded Eduard.