Danish frigate Niels Juel Joins Charles de Gaulle Carrier Strike Group

April 3, 2020 (Google Translation) – During the night of Thursday, March 26, the Danish frigate Niels Juel joined the carrier strike group deployed around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle as part of the Foch mission.

After several days of operational interactions in the North Sea with its Danish, Dutch and Swedish allies and the NATO Standing Group maritime group one (SNMG1), the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) headed for Danish territorial waters where she anchored in a squadron to the right of Frederikshavn, the northernmost port of Jutland.

This anchorage is an opportunity to carry out a complete supply of the Somme and the escorts with fresh food and fuel. It was carried out under the protection of the frigate Niels Juel and two patrol boats from the Royal Danish Navy.

The frigate Niels Juel, who joined the force a few days earlier, finds a group she knows well. Indeed, she was part of the GAN in 2019, during the Clemenceau mission in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. During this mission, the frigate had notably participated actively in the fight against Daesh from the Eastern Mediterranean.

Last of the three Iver Huitfeld- class buildings , the Niels Juel specializes in anti-aircraft control. Equipped with an Active Phased Array Radar (APAR ), the ship detects any aerial threat at 360 degrees, and can therefore be used in a hostile maritime environment, as it is capable of thwarting powerful electronic countermeasures which would try to jam its sensors.

The arrival of Niels Juel in the GAN strengthens the European dimension of the Foch mission and its role in protecting and securing European maritime approaches. The Niels Juel joins the frigates Lübeck ( German), Blas de Lezo (Spanish) and Corte Real (Portuguese) within Task Force 473.

The participation of the Danish frigate in the deployment of the GAN for the second consecutive year demonstrates the common desire to strengthen our ties and operational capacities for the benefit of securing European maritime and territorial approaches and the trust that exists between our two navies.

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