Marshal Shaposhnikov Returns to Pacific Fleet After Modernization

April 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – The frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov” completed the program of factory tests after repairs with modernization and is included in the forces of permanent readiness of the TEF.

At sea, the ship confirmed the conformity of maneuverable and high-speed qualities previously stated characteristics, demonstrated the reliable work of systems and mechanisms, navigation and radio equipment.

In the training ranges, the frigate launched Kalibr cruise missiles at sea and air targets, carried out a series of artillery fire, torpedoes and deep bombs, attacked the conventional enemy submarine, hit the air target with Dagger anti-aircraft missiles and performed electronic jamming.

Crews of anti-submarine and rescue helicopters Ka-27 checked the updated aircraft complex of the ship. The pilots of the TEF Maritime Aviation successfully performed flights from the deck of the frigate on the foot and on the move.

Repairs with the modernization of the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” were carried out at the “Dalzavod Ship Repair Center” in Vladivostok. The ship has been repaired the don-fenced rebar, installed new equipment. As part of the modernization, more than 40% of the hull structures were dismantled and re-made according to the projectee’s drawings. The main cable tracks have been replaced by 80%. The modernized ship, in addition to anti-submarine and anti-aircraft systems, has received modern Kalibr-NK and Uranus attack missile systems, as well as the latest artillery and electronic weapons.

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