FREMM Auvergne back in Toulon

April 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – “Finished bar and machines!” After two months of operational deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean (MEDOR), the Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) Auvergne is back in Toulon, its base port. Since its departure on 17 February, activity has been sustained for the “Auvergnats”, reinforced by the sailors of the 31F flotilla detachment.

As part of the maritime component of Operation CHAMMAL, the frigate travelled more than 13,400 nautical miles, or nearly 25,000 km. This deployment has allowed him to maintain an accurate knowledge of this strategic area and the air, sea and underwater activities that take place there.

In particular, FREMM cooperated with the Jeanne d’Arc group and the naval groups based around the Charles de Gaulle and the American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower during their passage in the Mediterranean. The frigate also carried out activities with Air Force and Space Fighters during collaborative actions. Finally, Auvergne has helped strengthen ties with partner nations operating in the region through several multinational exercises and stopovers in Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt.

Finally, the sailors of Auvergne return to their homes for well-deserved permissions with a sense of duty accomplished.

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