Taiwan May be Looking at Retired Oyashio Class Hulls for Submarine Replacement

April 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that “the national construction of submarines is not so good, experts are calling for Oyashio-class submarines.”

1. The media report has not been verified and reported arbitrarily, and the content is completely inconsistent with the facts. The army expressed regret.
2. The overall planning and signing of the system integration of the submarine country-made case system has been completed, and they are all proceeding in accordance with the planned schedule.
3. The army will uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude and risk management, and under the supervision of the Legislative Council and the Supervisory Council, continue to promote in accordance with the law and according to the plan, and call on the media to exercise self-discipline and self-respect, not to report rashly, and to avoid confusing the general public. This is hereby clarified.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Oyashio-class submarine Yaeshio photo via US Navy

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