Van Speijk Laid Up With Personnel Shortages

April 22, 2020 (Google Translation) – HNLMS Van Speijk is going to the side earlier than planned. The cause is a serious shortage of personnel. The crew was informed about this yesterday.

Due to the personnel shortage within the naval fleet, crew members of HNLMS Van Speijk has frequently raided elsewhere. For example, when working up the sister ship Van Amstel.

The personnel problem is not limited to the Van Speijk and the Van Amstel. All surface vessels are faced with shortages, with a lack of technical personnel as the biggest obstacle. By leaving the Van Speijk aside from this summer, the crew can be deployed structurally on other ships.

HNLMS Van Speijk has had 4 operational years. From 2017, after an intensive work-up period, the frigate was used for counter-drug operations in the Caribbean, in the NATO fleet and various large NATO exercises. It has often also been a platform for training. In 2020 it was decided to keep the Van Speijk in service. Subsequently, the navy did everything to keep the frigate at sea. That is no longer possible.

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