Mission Jeanne d’Arc Trains with Australian Ships

April 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – From April 16 to 19, the vessels of the JEANNE D’ARC (JDA) mission sailed together alongside the frigate Anzac and the supply vessel Sirius of the Australian Navy. During this coordinated navigation, the four vessels patrolled jointly.

After entering the South China Sea, the buildings of the JEANNE D’ARC mission, the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) and the La Fayette type frigate (FLF) Surcouf , carried out joint navigation with the Australian vessels of the Task Group (TG) 635.1. These were the frigate HMAS Anzac and the supply vessel HMAS Sirius .

This interaction took place a few days after the multinational Exercise LA PEROUSE. The objective of the joint navigation of the JDA mission alongside our Australian partner was twofold. First, the two navies had the opportunity to strengthen their ability to operate together. Second, France and Australia were able to reaffirm their respective attachment to the free movement of buildings in this area.

Initially, the Sirius supplied the two French ships. Then the four warships conducted various maneuvers such as tactical evolutions (EVOLEX) and cross aviation maneuvers (CROSSDECK). As such, the Seahawk helicopter of the Anzac frigate landed on the PHA Tonnerre . The four ships of Task Group 625.1 and 635.1 conducted their patrol as planned.

This coordinated patrol illustrates the high level of cooperation between the French and Australian navies. This cooperation is part of the pursuit of the strategic partnership, signed in February 2019 in Canberra, by the French and Australian military ministers.

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