FS l’Aigle & HMS Brocklesby Conduct EVOLEX

April 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – On April 11, 2021, after more than 2 months of deployment in the Arab-Persian Gulf, the crew of the tripartite mine hunter (CMT) l’Aigle conducted a Tactical Evolutions Exercise (EVOLEX) with the British mine hunter HMS Brocklesby.

This EVOLEX, starting shortly after leaving the port of Manama in Bahrain, led the two vessels to join the British mine hunter, HMS Penzance .

The three vessels then participated in an “MCM RODEO” exercise during which each vessel was assigned an area in which it had to lay drill mines. Then, the warships change zone and must find the mines set by another.

This joint operational activity, which lasted overnight, thus made it possible to strengthen Franco-British interoperability. It also gave the two nations the opportunity to exercise their ability to identify possible mine threats that could affect the safety of navigation in this strategic area.

The Royal Navy has maintained a permanent presence since 2006 in the Arab-Persian Gulf, with mine hunters stationed in the area. Currently 4 mine hunters are permanently deployed as part of maritime security operations in the Gulf. A tactical driving staff and a support building are also permanently deployed. The associated support role is currently held by the command staff of the mine warfare group, embarked on the RFA Cardigan Bay .

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