Taiwan Navy Denies Weapon Problems

April 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to the media report that “the national army has too little experience in live ammunition shooting, the Navy SUT heavy torpedo has expired.” The Navy Command stated today (15) that the content of the media report is not fact, and the clarification is as follows:

1. The army’s existing missiles and torpedoes are maintained in accordance with technical orders, and inspections are carried out according to the planned schedule. There is no problem of missile or torpedo expiration.

2. The army executes various shooting training in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of National Defense and the army’s annual training plan to maintain the combat power of the army. In addition, the submarine plans to use mine-handling (equivalent to war mines without explosives) for shooting training every year. Strengthen the effectiveness of the training of officers and soldiers, and call on the support of the people.

Photo from indomiliter.com

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