Finnish Navy Takes Part in Swedish ASW Exercise

April 13, 2020 (Google Translation) – Two Hamina-class missile boats of the Navy will participate in the annual submarine combat exercise organized by the Swedish Navy on 15-20 April 2021 on the east coast of Sweden.

The exercise develops co-operation between Finland and Sweden in submarine control.

This is a versatile exercise during which we can effectively train our vessels and personnel in the search for and fight against submarines. We will be able to practice using the new underwater systems of the refurbished Hamina-class missile boats against real submarines, says Mikko Villikari , Commander of the Coastal Navy .

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down international action, but training at sea can be carried out with corona restrictions in mind.

We naturally operate under the conditions set by health safety. Port calls, personnel exchanges or other contacts between the crews of different ships are not carried out, but all remain on their own ships. Any additions will be made safely without close contact, Commander Villikari emphasizes.

It is great that we are able to continue cooperating with the Swedish Navy despite the corona. Continuity of cooperation is important for the development of operations, Commander Villikari states.

Finnish ships participate in the exercise at the invitation of the Swedish Navy. The exercise is led by the 4th Flag of the Swedish Navy. Finland’s participation in the exercise has been approved by the Ministry of Defense as part of the Defense Forces’ exercise activities in 2021.

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