FS Arago Employs Military Light Hydrographic System

April 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – During her mission in Asia-Pacific, the patrol boat Arago returned to her former career as a Hydrographic Building (BH) for a few days by carrying out bottom surveys using the Military Light Hydrographic System (SHLM). This mission made it possible to ensure and refine the berthing possibilities of the new Tubuai wharf, located in the Austral archipelago.

In addition to the study carried out by its SHLM system, the patroller’s underwater drone accompanied by divers from Arago delimited, with finesse and precision, the irregularities of the seabed.

After having surveyed half of the access channel and a large area around the Tubuai wharf, these delineations made it possible to remove the doubt and confirm that the Arago will be able to dock. It will thus carry out the first docking of a French Navy building at this new wharf.

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