25th Anniversary of the Naval Airborne Maritime Surveillance Squadron

April 13, 2020 (Google Translation) – Last Tuesday, at the Punta Indio Air Naval Base (BAPI), the ceremony was held to commemorate the 25 years of the creation of the Naval Airborne Maritime Surveillance Squadron (EA1V). It was carried out following the prevention measures required by the context of the pandemic and was attended by representatives of the destinations based at the aforementioned base. Some of his former commanders were also present, such as the first of them, Captain VGM (RS) Mario Cacault.

During the event, the Commander of the EA1V, Lieutenant Commander Christian Leandro Genson, after thanking the presence of authorities and personnel present, highlighted: “Within a component of centenary existence, we are part of the last quarter of a century of its history. . However, our past goes back even further in time and is linked to significant events. An example of this is the first photographic, reconnaissance, patrolling and rescue flights. These facts constitute the legacy of many men in Naval Aviation, from founding pioneers to war veterans. Today 25 years after that April 1, we gather to revalidate our commitment to honor the motto of this Squadron on a daily basis: ‘EA1V – all time, all places’ ”.

For the event, in addition, an allusive shield was designed whose main element is a cormorant bird, with whose name the aircraft that were modified with the homonymous project are identified. With this shield, the plotting of two of its aircraft was carried out.

For his part, Father Alfredo Fermín López Morilla, Chaplain of the BAPI, made a religious invocation in which he recalled keeping in mind the symbol of the Squadron patch: “The cormorant, a fecund bird whose nests sit on the rocky coast of our Patagonia, to protect and feed its offspring, ventures several kilometers over the sea, hunting by diving into the icy waters. He inspires us to recognize the vocation to which we have been called: to defend and protect the children of these lands from the dangers of the maritime border ”.

Naval Air Force Maritime Surveillance Squadron

The EA1V was initially based at the Almirante Zar Naval Air Base (Trelew). Its aircraft, Super King Air 200, were modified through the “Cormorant Project” in order to improve their capabilities (sensors and autonomy) for maritime traffic control flights and illegal fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone.

This air-naval squadron emerged as an amalgamation of various air-naval destinations and mainly as a successor to the Naval Air Reconnaissance Squadron (EA4R), decorated for “combat operations” for its performance in the Malvinas war.

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