EUROMARSEC 21: European exercise in the Gulf of Guinea

April 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – On 2 April, off the coast of Ghana , the European Maritime Security 21 , a quadrilateral maritime exercise which saw the participation of the Marine of Italy, France , Spain and Portugal .

In the framework of the European Coordinated Maritime Presence initiative, aimed at supporting the so-called “Integrated Approach” of European Union the stability and development of the Gulf of Guinea area ,Rizzo ship conducted joint patrols together with the other European Navies present in the area.

In order to refine training, interoperability and intervention capabilities, the units involved have created the first European multinational exercise in the Gulf of Guinea .

Specifically, the training activity has proved the professionalism of the personnel on board from the various countries of the Old Continent.

In concert with the women and men of the Rizzo ship , the naval device saw the involvement of the crews of the Furor and Setubal patrol boats and the Dixmude assault helicopter carrier .

It was therefore an advanced training event, enhanced by the use of specialized teams, close kinematic maneuvers and simulations to contrast illegal activities at sea.

The objective is to develop a structured operation that provides for maritime presence and surveillance activities in the areas of interest, through the increase of Capacity Building and Security Force Assistance activities and with the involvement of multinational partners (BORN, EU, UN and multilateral coalitions).

Nave Rizzo will continue patrolling until next June.

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