Tall Ship ARM Cuauhtémoc Begins 2021 Cruise

April 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Secretary of the Navy within the framework of the events alluding to the celebration of the “200 years of the Mexican Navy”, informs that this morning it sailed from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, the Sailboat School Ship ARM “Cuauhtémoc” (BE-01) to start the Instruction Cruise “Bicentennial of the Mexican Navy” in national seas, in order to enhance naval education and bring the message of peace and goodwill to the people Mexican.

The departure ceremony of the “Ambassador and Knight of the Seas” was held at the dock of the Eighth Naval Region, which was presided over by Admiral Julio César Pescina Ávila, Commander of that Naval Command, on behalf of Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy and High Command of the Mexican Navy, who was accompanied by naval authorities.

In this context, the Commander of the Eighth Naval Region pointed out that “today we are on these majestic decks, the cradle forging the maritime spirit of hundreds of naval sailors as witnesses of goodbye and see you soon in a new mission of our ship, on the occasion of the Instruction Cruise “Bicentennial of the Mexican Navy”, which in a special way raises the pride of being an Institution that was born 200 years ago to serve our nation, two centuries of safeguarding the Independence, Sovereignty and Freedom of our country “.

When addressing the young seafarers, he exhorted them to “carry in their minds the example of teamwork leadership, so that the voyages are carried out in an environment of professionalism, where esprit de corps and camaraderie are the guiding principles. allow this journey to be completed successfully ”.

He pointed out that given the situation that exists due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new normal has been imposed and the Mexican Navy has known how to overcome the storms and maintain a fixed course towards a safe harbor, for which he called on the crew ” not to lower our guard in the face of this threat that remains latent, having to take all the established health measures and precautions ”.

For his part, the commander of the “Cuauhtémoc” Sailboat School Ship, Captain of the General Staff Diplomate Corps Carlos Gorraez Meraz, reported that 58 cadets of the Heroic Military Naval School Generation 2016-2021, as well as for the first time 20 students Third Year of the Mercantile Nautical Schools of Mazatlán, Tampico and Veracruz, they embarked in order to join a solid and gallant crew in this Instruction Cruise.

Likewise, he affirmed that 2020 was a year that marked the history of the “Cuauhtémoc” Sailing School Ship, being the first year of its 38 years of service, in which it was not possible to carry out a long-awaited instructional cruise in the face of the emergency. sanitary; However, he acknowledged that this event tested his ability and fortitude to adapt to the new circumstances. “And in that sense I express an exceptional recognition to the entire staff, because in the process their great professionalism, effort and dedication to service have been made manifest.”

Similarly, Cadet Jericó Armando Galeana Vázquez, spoke on behalf of his companions, stating that “we are beginning our instructional trip” Bicentennial of the Mexican Navy “, a journey that we carry out on board of our much loved School Ship “Cuauhtémoc”, “Ambassador and Knight of the Seas”, in which we will offer up to the last effort to bring a message of peace to different ports of our country, and in a very special way, a trip with the that we proudly join in the commemoration of an event that fills our nation with pride, such as the Bicentennial of the Mexican Navy, 200 years of serving the country and watching over its seas ”.

During the Instruction Cruise “Bicentennial of the Mexican Navy”, named in honor of the 200th anniversary on October 4, the Sailboat “Cuauhtémoc” is scheduled to visit 11 Mexican ports in the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Sonora, in a total of 195 days (141 sailing and 54 in port).

It is important to mention that through the motto “For the exaltation of the sailor spirit”, of the Sailboat “Cuauhtémoc”, the future officers of the Mexican Navy are instilled, with the oath of their endowment, to offer until their last effort to make from him a dignified and noble cradle, where the minds and spirits of those who embark in his bosom continue to be strengthened, pursuing the objective of educating themselves to better serve their country.

The celebration of this Bicentennial dates back to the beginnings of independent Mexico, on October 4, 1821, when General Agustín de Iturbide, faced with the need of the young Mexican State to have a Navy to safeguard National Sovereignty, decreed the creation of the Ministry of War and Navy, directed by Lieutenant Antonio de Medina Miranda, an act with which the history of the Mexican Navy began.

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