FS Pluton Assists in Wreck Removal off Corsica

April 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – Departing on March 15, 2021 aboard the chartered support and assistance vessel (BSAA) Pioneer , a detachment of the Mediterranean Clearance Divers Group led a wreck removal operation in Southern Corsica.

Supported by the building-base of mine clearance divers (BBPD) Pluto from March 17, mine clearance divers identified five wrecks in the bays of Sant’Amanza and Figari. The presence of a team from the antipollution cell of the Toulon naval base made it possible to guarantee the absence of hydrocarbons in these wrecks to refloat them without risk of marine pollution.

These wrecks were then craned aboard the Pioneer , who transported them to Toulon for dismantling in the approved circuit.

Between March 21 and 25, divers from GPD Méditerranée and sailors from Pluto worked to secure the seabed, by cleaning * areas polluted by ammunition in Campomoro, Bonifacio and La Vacca, near Porto-Vecchio. These operations gave rise to a countermine on March 23.

Within the mission, these two different operations pursued the same objectives: to secure navigation, fishing and maritime traffic when approaching our territory, actions hailed by local civil society.

* Operation consisting for mine clearance divers to crisscross a risk area in order to secure it as the missions progress, by evacuating dangerous ammunition and countermining them if necessary.

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