March 30, 2021 (Google Translation) – From Monday March 22 to Thursday March 25, in the Gulf of Guinea, the multinational exercise OBANGAME EXPRESS 2021 was held, the main theme of which is the fight against illicit activities at sea. France took part in this exercise by engaging in it. a Falcon 50M maritime surveillance aircraft from Dakar and the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Dixmude .

From Monday March 22 to Wednesday March 24, the Falcon 50M detachment of the French Navy conducted several exercises alongside the Moroccan patrol vessel RMNS Bir An Zaran, the Gambian patrol vessel FPB Musa Faliya as well as the Senegalese patrol vessels Soungrougrou and Ferlo off the coast of France. Gambia.

During these exercises, the sky sailors thus strengthened their skills in the fields of the fight against piracy and the fight against drug trafficking alongside navies on the shore and partners.

After a record seizure of 6 tonnes of cocaine as part of Operation CORYMBE, PHA Dixmude joined the exercise on Thursday, March 25. The Dixmude was able to train to conduct operations of interaction with the Ghanaian navy to deepen our cooperation with Ghana. On this occasion, the Diksmuide played the role of a suspicious ship during a simulated anti-narcotics operation sequence. In order to finalize this training, the Ghanaian patroller Garingar projected his visiting team aboard the French vessel.

Thanks to the participation of numerous European and African navies, the OBANGAME EXPRESS 2021 exercise is, like GRAND AFRICAN NEMO, part of the landscape of essential multinational naval exercises in the region. These exercises make it possible to improve tactical cooperation between partner navies to effectively fight against insecurity and maritime traffic in the Gulf of Guinea.

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